Monday, December 2, 2013

Returning to God

We are spirit beings having a physical experience here as human beings. When we are ready to go home we know nothing here will distract us further. A silent mind will help us as the healing begins returning us to God.

When we can walk away from our notions where we see ourselves finding the perfect friends, the perfect partner, the perfect family our souls are ready. 

When a soul at last knows nothing here will bring the perfect love, understanding and comfort sought, and under no pile of riches will that love, immense joy and happiness be found, then that soul returns to God ending all sense of separation. In God we then find what we seek.

Centered in Gods love and knowing our own we can be a peaceful strong gentle caring friend, partner, family member.

The process begins when an energy awakens pouring through channels in our souls untangling of the knotted parts within. God returns us to Him one tangle at a time. A silent mind prevents our thoughts from interfering. It was our thoughts with their feeling putting the tangles there in the first place.

Mind body and spirit are one and inseparable. Untangling the spirit can change what we believe, what we feel and how we see ourselves. It can impact our bodies. God's work within proceeds at a pace we can tolerate. A silent mind is what we provide along with our willingness.