Monday, July 8, 2013

My Reason for Joining One Billion Rising for Justice

Oppressing half the world's population is the largest and most pervasive form of oppression there is.  Rape and beatings are symptomatic of how greatly we as women and girls are devalued.  We must change this as our priority. For in liberating ourselves we liberate all. When people over the world value women and girls as themselves it will be impossible to maintain any oppressive system that would devalue anyone. Here are some other heartfelt and remarkable views:

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Solution

God will work with each of us bringing us home to Him one tangle at a time.

A Wiser Solution

Perhaps we can turn to God for unconditional love and understanding, sparing our friends and family.


In a relationship we hold expectations both known and unknown without agreement on either side. Do we have the wisdom to forget our needs and simply love?

The Game of Image

We see in others
what we want to see
and others show us
what they feel
we may love.

We conceal
our tender selves
within our forts,
behind our walls.

Can we ever know
one another. Can we see
in another's eyes
the flow where pretense
does not speak.

When we fall in love,
or make a friend
do we love a portrait
in the end - a collaboration
of two? Can we grow
as we discover who



In mindfulness focusing on steps to a goal, anger melts. Tasks rest in each working moment. The end arrives in understanding patience.